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Music Is Intelligence ‎– WMMS 110


1 Birthday Invitation 1:35
2 Philosophy 4:08
Waves (24:58)
3-I Prologue
3-II Kiss Of A Mermaid
3-III The Resolve To Quit The Withering Appeal
3-IV Sliding-Gliding-Riding
3-V The Fifth Wave Itself Could Not Take Me Back Home
3-VI What I Have To Do And What I Have To Say
3-VII Lawrence
3-VIII Epilogue
4 Cream Tears 5:52
5 Wedding On A Raspberry Day 5:38
6 Everything's Alright 3:50
7 A Supersonic Pest Controler 8:08
Nightingale And Snake (15:05)
8-I I Can't Guarantee That
8-II Metamorphosis On Christmas Evening
8-III I Dare Entering Unexplored Territories From The Realm Of Your Senses
8-IV Female Snake Gets Ready
8-V What Love's Good For
8-VI Mistrust And Shiver Going Pop By One Hug

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