CD The Best of Patsy Cline

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1. Walkin' after midnight
2. A church a courtroom and then goodbye
3. Today tomorrow and forever
4. A poor man's riches (or a rich man's gold)
5. A stranger in my arms
6. Ain't no wheels on this ship (we can't roll)
7. Too many secrets
8. Come on in
9. Don't ever leave me again
10. Fingerprints
11. Try again
12. Hidin' out
13. Honky tonk merry go round
14. Hungry for love
15. I can't forget you
16. Turn the cards slowly
17. I don't wanta
18. I love you honey
19. I've loved and lost again
20. Pick me up on your way down
21. Stop look and listen
22. That wonderful someone
23. The heart you break may be your own
24. Then you'll know
25. Three cigarettes in an ashtray

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