‘George Harrison – That’s the Way God Planned It’ by Kevin Roach

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George was born in a small two up – two down terrace house at No 12 Arnorld Grove, Wavertree, Liverpool, the youngest of four children. Shortly after he was born his parents Harold and Louise to George to the local Catholic church Our Lady Of Good Help to be baptised.
The Harrison's moved from Arnold Grove to the Speke housing estate to 25 Upton Green, when George was of school age. His first school was Dovedale School which was to be the same school as John Lennon, George knew of John at the school because his older brother Peter was in the same school year as John, but George never really bothered with John at that time.

After leaving Dovedale School it was time to go to the Seniors, George passed his 11plus exam and was excepted into the Liverpool Institute High School in Liverpool City Centre, another pupil at the "Inny" but a year above him was Paul McCartney. George and Paul would travel to school on the same bus from Speke to the Inny, and became friends through their interest in Rock-n-Roll.

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